The University of Wisconsin Opera Props is a friends group designed to encourage the UW Opera and its connected voice program in the UW School of Music. The organization has two primary goals: to promote and enhance the enjoyment of the Opera productions, while encouraging attendance at other vocal programs by students and faculty, and to fund annual awards to promising vocal students.

Opera Props seeks to serve as a link between University Opera and the surrounding community. The group welcomes as members all who enjoy the UW Opera productions, and who take an interest in the progress of students in its program.


In 1980, enthusiastic fans of Professor Karlos Moser’s UW Opera program saw the need for an independent organization that would work to supplement (not replace) existing institutional sources of financial support and have the ability to act quickly in response to unanticipated problems or unusual opportunities. Thus Opera Props was founded to aid the education of talented students, and to build audiences for them by expanding the musical horizons of the community at large.

Currently directed by David Ronis and Mimmi Fulmer, the UW Opera program is attracting qualified young artists in ever increasing numbers. Opera Props continues to serve as a channel for the generosity of all who appreciate the importance of preparing the next generation to carry on the grand tradition of operatic singing.