Membership & Donations

We invite you to join OPERA PROPS in supporting the UW Opera program’s talented students and faculty.

Opera will continue to thrive as a living art form only if the supply of operatic voices is continually replenished. By contributing to the education of young singers, and building audiences better able to appreciate them, members of Opera Props help to ensure the future of opera.

Please join us!

UW Opera Props membership form 2018-19.  Please mail your contribution (payable to UW Opera Props) to: Kathleen Harker, 350 S. Hamilton St., #704, Madison, WI 53703

As an all-volunteer organization, Opera Props devotes every dollar in excess of expenses to the funding of awards for our talented students and to other projects that serve to encourage interest in productions of the University Opera.

2018-19 UW Opera Props Members
Thank you for giving!

Guarantor ($1000+)
Kathleen Harker, Kathleen Mary Hornemann

Benefactors ($500+)
Tom and Betty Akagi, Alfred Andreychuk and Allan Deptula, John Jeffrey Gibbens, Stanley and Shirley Inhorn, Dean and Carol Schroeder, Georgia Shambes

Sponsors ($250+)
Kristine Bengtson, Lau and Bea Christensen, Linda Clauder, Deirdre Wilson Garton, Robert and Linda Graebner, Michael Keller, Lynn and Gary Mecklenburg, James and Christine Molloy, Pam Ploetz, Dianne Sattinger and Randall Wilkins, Dan and Gail Shea, Peg and Ron Wallace, Robert and Anne Woodson

Sustainers ($150+)
Richard Brualdi and Mona Wasow, Ann Campbell,James Campbell and John Phifer Marrs, J Laurence Everard, Barbara Furstenberg, June Gengler, Rebecca and Kyle Ketelsen, Peter and Jill Lundberg, Eileen Smith, David Staats, Paul Wertsch, Judith Young

Supporters ($100+)
Charles Bauer and Charles Beckwith, Jeffrey Bradisse, Martha and Charles Casey, Betty and Steve Cohen, Kathryn Curtis, Gary and Malgorzata Dahl, Richard and Doris Dubielzig, Peter and Nancy Lucas Ezzell, Mary Gordon, Bruce Hoffman, Noel Marie and Steven Jay Klapper, Helaine Kriegel, Charles Kulp and Marie Duquette, Fern and Bill Lawrence, Kathleen Otterson, Mary Page, Kato Perlman, Jane Pizer, Joseph Ranney, Sherry Reames, Helen Schmedeman, Mary Schroeder, Esther Taylor, Donald and Joanna Thompson, Helen Wineke, 2 anonymous

Households ($50+)
Jeanne Flood, Dennis and Vicki Hill, Rev. Margaret and Paul Irwin, Seymour and Ruth Parter, Donna Peterson, Roger and Linda Pettersen, Catherine Rasmussen, Ruth Sandor, anonymous

Individuals ($25+)
Cynthia Chin, Elizabeth Conklin, Diane Garton Edie, Susan Eichhorn, Eunice Gibson, Patricia Henson, Ruth Horrall, June Johnson, Constance Kilmark, Joan Lundin, Donald Mash, Cynthia May, Jane O’Connell, Miriam Simmons, Maryann Steckling, Ann Wallace

Additional gifts given

$500 given in honor of Linda Clauder, professor emerita, in appreciation for her unique contributions to arts and music education by Alfred Andreychuk and Allan Deptula.

$925 given in memoriam of Susan Campbell by: Tom and Betty Akagi, Louann Campbell Pearson, James Campbell, John Phifer Marrs, Peter and Nancy Lucas Ezzell, Barbara Furstenberg, Kathleen Harker, Mary Page, Jody Page, John Page and Judith Young.

List updated 10/19/18
UW Opera Props’ fiscal year runs from June 1, 2018, through May 31, 2019.